The subtle revalations of the bible

I was flipping through my bible earlier today, not really looking for anything in particular just skimming, seeing if anything caught my eye. I came across a passage in the book of Matthew that I had read countless times and just kind of played off.

1Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.

2And after He had fasted forty days and forty nights, He then became hungry.

3And the tempter came and said to Him, “If You are the Son of God, command that these stones become bread.”


The last verse of this passage caught my eye in particular, I had always read Jesus’ response but never really thought about it much. However as I looked at it this time I came to an epiphany. “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.”  Jesus was saying more than that we should simply read the Word and take it to heart. He was saying that it should be sustenance for us. That like bread it should fill us up physically to hear what God has to say to us. After I came to this realization I started to read over the passage before it.

“And after He had fasted forty days and forty nights, He then became hungry.”

This passage might not seem like anything special, but look closely. It says after he fasted for fourty days and nights he then became hungry. You might think “well duh, the guy didn’t eat anything for fourty days of course he was hungry”. But look closer  “And after He had faster forty days and forty nights, He THEN became hungry”. This passage says that for those forty days he was out fasting and dwelling on the word of God he was fine, The Word was litteraly his food for forty days and only after he stopped his fasting and praying did he get hungry.

This might not mean anything to you at all, but  I figured that I’d post on it anyways just to hopefully shed a little bit of light on some things for younger belivers that might stumble across my site. Have a good day and God bless. !)avid

Birthday- big #18

So another day has gone by and now I’m apparently an adult. Hm…. seems fairly ridiculous to me but what the heck it gives me some freedom. So I woke up this morning and noticed a new guitar on the stand in my room, I thought I saw “Fender” across the head but then i remembered that my dad works at a private school and it couldn’t possibly be a real Fender, so I got up and walked over and sure enough there was a real Fender Stratocaster sitting right on the rack. Needless to say I was overjoyed, (to all of you non-guitar people That is my guitar.)


To all of you guitar people…. Bow before its awesome guitareness!!!

Other than that there wasnt really too much that was explosively outstanding about turning 18…. !)avid


….ow…. I am actually in physical pain from the crappyness of this movie…. I would not suggest under any circumstances that you watch this movie. Stay away from it at all costs.. I repeat STAY AWAY!!! it will steal your soul and an hour and a half of your life… do not under any circumstances go near this film….


Allow me to explain a little bit of the plot… Take the movie Godzilla… not the new one the really really old one, the t.v. show Friends, not the good episodes, the really really bad ones, blend them together and use the camera from the movie the Blair Witch Project and that is what cloverfield is…..


My rant

Cant find the words
But I need the words to come
They fight in my mind
but cant make it to my hands
This pen puts my thoughts down
but now it only stands here
waiting for the use that I cant put it to
My mind races in place going nowhere
My heart aches for a friends
Yet still I cant find words
I’ll sit and think for hours but still
No words will make it to these pages i must fill
I’ll go away now
Wait for some words to come to my mind
If any are to come then maybe they’ll help
Time alone will tell
Time…time.. time….
So much yet so little…


Ode To Spring

Ode To Spring

Oh spring how glorious are thou?
So bathed in glorious splendor
Filled with laughter and joy
As flowers adorn the homes of women
Money flee’s the pockets of men
As spring begs for gifts for women
Shiny baubles and sweet smelling perfumes
Keep the male from sleeping upon the couch
So I say to you dear Quist
Take heed of my words and hear them
Many shiny things you must buy
Or to the dark side you will succumb
Shiny and pricy are diamonds
But cubic zirconium is the same for less
So spring inspires thought
To the minds of men
and begs for cheaper ways to keep the females at bay
Flowers are all around yet from the store they must come
Wrapped in foil and arranged by women
All for the low low price of an arm and a leg
Take flowers from nature my dear young ward
and you will survive what you can afford
So beware young quist
This thing called spring
So glorious is it
Yet so costly a thing.

By:David Miller

New Job!!!!

So folks, its been done. I am now part of the working America once again, thats right, I picked up a job at Little Caesers in Rocky Mount, Virginia. My first day was thursday the 3rd and even with the rush’s that came in it still wasn’t all that bad. I have good managers, and I enjoy the people that I work with, so all in all it should be a fun job. I’m attempting to apply my trick of learning to do everything in the store so that I can do whatever they need me to. I would recommend this way of learning to anyone getting a job, as it makes you a far more valuable asset to the company. More likely to get promotions, and far less likely to get fired, from said job. !)avid


Spring break, that joyous time of the year when the little children frolick in the hay fields. When they go out early in the morning to entertain themselves churning butter, the smell of cow manure greeting their nostrils and bringing the fresh realization of joyous manual labor!!!

Now seriously spring break was perty darned fun if I do say so myself. My father and I took my little brother out for a rousing game of golf. I would recommend that some of you join us for one of these games but I must say that it would be harmful to my testimony. My father gave it a valiant shot but he lost by two strokes.

The other portion of my spring break was spent on good ole’ manual labor! I got to go and stack bricks behind our tool shed wich involved loading them onto a trailor taking them behind the shed unloading the trailor then stacking them about 5 feet high… all in all it was uhmmm… fun?